Doctor Lenara Kahn was in one of the science labs aboard Deep Space 9, studying some of the data she and her team had collected from the artificial wormhole that had collapsed during the experiment aboard the U.S.S. Defiant, nearly causing a deadly failure in the starship's systems.

Her two colleagues were not with her, since they had returned to Trillius Prime, their home world, aboard the Hikawa Maru, a civilian transport due to Trillius Prime from DS9, and the U.S.S. Europa (NCC-1648-E), the Sovereign-class starship that has saved the civilian transport and its passenger from a Breen privateers attack a few hours into their journey. Yes, their journey. On board that passenger transport there was Dr. Kahn herself, since she had given in to the insistence of her brother and colleague, Bejal Otner, to put behind her what had happened on board Deep Space 9 between her and Jadzia Dax, the Trill Starfleet Science Officer on the starbase.

But due to the Breen attack, or because of it, Lenara had come to understand the mistake she was going to make. Of course, for a hazardous moment she had been separated from her symbiont – Dr. Bashir, otherwise, would not have been able to perform the miracle of saving her and Kahn's lives – but this had allowed her to understand the depth and belonging of her feelings for the other woman. It wasn't an easy decision, though, because of the wounded feelings and pride of Dax, but finally, with a little help of a couple of people, Doctor Bashir included, they were able to sort the things out between themselves.

She was able to leave once and for all the Infirmary a week before, moving into Dax's quarters. Bashir had given her a clean bill of health, but he had advised not to overdo it for a few more days, to better heal the exhausted body and symbiont, since the Breen disruptor had done a lot of tissue damage after hitting her aboard the Hikawa Maru.

Dax had finished her shift a little early, just so she could pick her up – she was very protective of her – and was waiting for her just outside Infirmary, with a surprise.

The other scientist, when she spotted her, had triggered a hidden (and very little) device that had materialised a beautiful bouquet of flowers, Lenara's favourites, and had offered her with a sheepish smile, before saying: «Happy to see you finally on your feet, my dear. Happy two-week anniversary.» Lenara had smiled too, taken the flowers, smelled them and, then, kissed lovingly Dax on her lips. After that, she slipped onto her embrace and, together, walked to their quarters.