AUTHOR'S NOTE: this story is a sneak peek of a future story I'm going to write and publish here, on this blog. For other notes, see the bottom of the blogpost.

Eva Ferrari, Voyager’s XO and its de facto commanding officer, was walking slowly with a phaser rifle in her hands, a hand phaser and a tricorder at her belt. She was not alone, in the dark corridor of the Intrepid-class starship: surrounding her at her sides and at her back there were three other Starfleet officers, all in the mustard-colored uniforms of the starship security and ops departments.

Similar teams were scattered all over the ship’s decks and corridors, searching parties for the intruders that had boarded Voyager during a previous fight, when the shields were down due to the constant phaser and torpedo barrages from the enemy ships.

Trying to be as quiet as possible, the four-man squad followed the corridor until it made a blind turn to the right. After a signal from Ferrari, one of her men took point while the other two - a couple of ensigns arrived just prior the departure of Voyager for her new tour around the galaxy - covered their backs. Ferrari closely followed her leading crewmember, ready to intervene if the necessity arose.

A beat passed. A second. Then, the Vulcan in front of her made his move, checking the next hallway before beckoning the colleagues in following him, giving the all clear, Ferrari always at his heels, always ready. The four of them were near another bad turn - a T-shaped intersection - when they heard weapon fire from the right corridor.

Splitting up would’ve been a tactical error, so after a rapid check from Ferrari and the Vulcan, the four of them rapidly walked  towards the fight they were hearing, weapons at the ready and prepared to take cover as soon as there was need. More and more shouts were coming from the direction they had chosen, but none of them even thought of increasing the pace, knowing full well the risks that the carelessness and the lack of attention to the details would’ve brought them.


  • Eva Ferrari is the main fil rouges for What If: A Star Trek Series. Her character is first introduced in the story titled Finally Rejoined, published on february 2021, although since then the series has developed more and more stories, set before and after the aforementioned fanfiction.
  • This sneak peek is especially set in the sub-series titled Aboard Voyager.
  • In this sneak peek, Eva Ferrari holds the rank of Commander and is officially the XO of the Intrepid-class starship U.S.S. Voyager (NCC-74656), under the command of Admiral Kathryn Janeway. Since Admiral Janeway, more times than not, hsn't the chance to coordinates by herself the activities aboard Voyager, Ferrari is the starship de facto CO.
  • The four-man away team is formed by Ferrari herself and three unnamed Starfleet officers: two Ensigns, fresh out of the Academy, and a Vulcan. The latter could be Commander Tuvok, Janeway's long friend and second officer aboard Voyager; most of the time, he works as the starship's XO.